What’s going on in your world?

BBQ’s? Swimming already? Got that good summer book bought? Vacation planned?          It is hot here more like summer.  Grasses dry, weeds cured out already.  Lots of work for me no vacation soon.

Antelope have moved in for the summer and fires have broke out already!  It is fun to watch the retardant planes come in to help control fire.  Always happy to see them.

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7 Responses to What’s going on in your world?

  1. Julie says:

    BBQ: Country ribs boiled in beer & seared on barbie (courtesey Cynthia). Beets with grated ginger & sour cream….yum
    Book: State of Wonder by Jodie Piccoult (love it….middle aged scientist, angst, Brazilian rainforest)
    Swimming? Well, I got my ankles wet in Spanish Creek
    Vacation: We get to go hang out with my sister in Portland in July & watch Portland Timbers (bottom of the MLS heap, too bad, so sad)
    Looking forward to seeing you in Graeagle…..!

  2. Diane Weaver says:

    Where’s the fire?

  3. melisa gunnoe says:

    loving your wilflife pictures! not much wildlife here except when I get to go out dancing! lol

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