Bad News / Good news

Good news first . My friend Coby just gave me a nice older 20mm 2.8 af lens!  I have a new tool to learn how to use. What fun!

Bad news.  I damaged my right and dominant eye this past winter, it will be forever bad.  I see double and blur and funny light.  The really funny thing is, I thought my cameras auto focus was broken .  Was about to send it in to Nikon for repair when I discovered it was me that is broken.  I will get over being depressed about it and move on I guess.

I am trying to learn how to take photos with my left eye, but a major problem is doing post processing. I just cannot see the details correctly to work in photoshop.  I cannot use both eyes and with the bad one shut it is problematic.  I suppose with time I will train myself to be left eye dominant and adjust.  It has been 4 months since the accident (wire gouged me eye) so I guess it will take a long time.   I would hate to give up something I love to do.

I have already given up rafting and kayaking because of two shoulder surgeries. God how I miss class 5 whitewater!!  Gave up running because of knees and ankle injury. Gave up snow boarding because of knees.  I am running out of body parts!!!

So if my images seem “off” hang in there…maybe I will get it worked out.

Feeling blue!

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4 Responses to Bad News / Good news

  1. Linda says:

    Don’t be blue! The photo is a beautiful blue however! I do understand the feeling you’re having though. You will get it right in time. How about a patch on one eye and practice using just one? I am cheering you on!

  2. Karen says:

    Are you going to start wearing an eye patch, you sound like your turning into a pirate! “(wire gouged me eye)” matey!

  3. Diane Weaver says:

    Take a picture

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