The tech side

Karen, my friend, wanted to hear about the settings for recent postings, so here goes. For Prickly Post:

D300 camera, on Gitzo tripod, Tokina 11-16 2.8 lens f@16, 1/60s, iso 200 tiny bit of fill  flash w/sb900 cannot remember the settings.  -2 I think, the silhouette sunrise no flash.

The close up cactus was with the 105 2.8 micro lens @f 11, 1/60s, iso 200. no flash

So the humming birds in the aviary, as you can tell were a challenge. It was dark shade to bright light. I started off with over flashed, and not enough depth of field . By the time I got to the females (I posted in order of how I shot just for showing you my process) I was starting to get it dialed in. The male photos were a mess! I posted anyway just so you could see their color and also to see I don’t just walk up and get a great shot. It takes some thought and a few (ok a lot) practice tries.  And adjustments to make.  Someone with more experience would have a faster time at making  the adjustments.

I had the choice of 105 micro, 70-200 f2.8, 300 f4 lens for the hummers.  I asked two pros and a photo forum which they would choose. I got answers all over the place and no firm conclusion. Goes to show how individual we all are and how there is no “one” lens. After a long deliberation I ended up with 300 f4 lens because of the longer  telephoto and it had a tripod mount on it. I had already planned on using the Nikor 28-3003.5-5.6 as my walk around so the 70-200 would overlap and was not needed.

Starting with the male hummers, using the 300f4, @f4, 1/800s iso1100-1600 flash was at normal. Woa..that didn’t work!   I tuned down the flash went to far low then came back up.  By the time I got to the females I was shooting @f6.3 1/800s iso 800-1100 with fill flash or no flash. Flash not permitted on the nests.

The hummers with the peach back ground with flowers and the hawk were at f8 iso200 1/500s. They were cropped, no flash.

As for post processing, the landscape and a few of the hummers were worked on.  The usual sharpening (if I remembered ) added vignette to a few, and brought out the color on some feathers.  Using photoshop cs5 and one or two Nik filters.  I shot with raw (NEF) files and import to Bridge.

Hope this wasn’t to boring!




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2 Responses to The tech side

  1. Karen says:

    Thanks for the info! Very techie, but informative. Now can you translate? LOL just kidding.

  2. Jan says:

    Ha ha, yea, gets cumbersome!! One step at a time grasshopper!

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