Searching for winter

Feb. 10, no snow.  I walked outside early morning without even a thought about a jacket. Meanwhile snow is dumping like crazy in other parts of the world. My bulbs are coming up, my aspen tree budding.  I decided to go look for winter by visiting a lake higher in elevation but not far.  I found men ice fishing on very little ice.  The ice moaning, sounding deep and eerie like whale songs crossed with starwars sounds.  It smells like spring.  A little snow here and there.  The willows a bright red.

Was my theory, that the bears with their extra thick coats, meaning a harsh winter a bust? Or did they need that extra thick coat because there was not enough snow to den in and thus be insulated?

Should I have cropped the srtip of water at top of ice fisher men off?

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3 Responses to Searching for winter

  1. Diane Weaver says:

    Love those red willows, great color in winter.

  2. melisa gunnoe says:

    I think the ice picture good as is. Better to see how big an area he’s fishing on

  3. HJ says:

    I’d prefer the pix all ice…but as a friend of mine used to say “but what do I know!”

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