Lots of people talking about the giant Kodak filing for ch.11. A company who got into the digital early on even. What happened then? Perhaps they hung onto the dying film era to long thinking like many, that film would never end. Little did most realize how good digital would become.

My first camera was a Kodak 110. My mother gave it to me but became totally displeased with everything I shot saying I was wasting film. She expected me to take photos of the family, documenting birthdays and holidays. I took photos of wispy clouds, and shadows on walls, plants, trees, rocks. Not a single sibling, much to her dismay. End of photo career. Then in late 2000 I was given a wonderful point and shoot from a boy friend. A 1 megapixel Kodak. Sturdy, tiny screen. I loved it and still some of my favorite photos were from it now lost due to hard drive failures and my own computer ignorance.

So thinking of Kodak, my old point and shoot Kodak camera and the latest new cameras coming out with numerous megapixels I dug out a few photos I had from a 2001 trip. A hike through the mts. to Machu Pichu in Peru.  3 days over 13,000 ft passes. Great hike, but you can take a bus right to the ruins!  If you are only using photos for the web or small prints like 5×7 or 8×10 do you even need more than 1 megapixel?  Not really. When you buy your next camera, don’t look at megapixels look at shutter speed/lag. Look at how well they can handle shooting in low light.

Our guide was great, training to be a shaman.

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2 Responses to Kodak

  1. Linda says:

    Really enjoyed this post, Jan. Beautiful pics … all of them. Thanks!

  2. Karen says:

    Great photos! Love the rugs!

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