Lately it has been difficult to find something to shoot. I believe it is more about being interested in than finding something interesting.  The bland skies, the drought I don’t know.  When I take something it just seems so boring of a photo.  Perhaps I am finally getting more fussy about light and object.  Light is the key . That said , I forced myself to make a few images good light or not. 

These were taken in the middle of a wind storm.  Very hard to hand hold a camera !!! Fierce winds.  Bleak grey skies for the birds. In the landscape you can see the dust blowing in the background. Water frozen in an unlevel  rough way from the wind.

I included the Common Golden Eye ducks only  because I shot through a chain link fence and yet you cannot see the fence. It does make for bad image quality (besides heavy cropping). However you still get the shot. So if you are at the zoo, be sure you are focused on the animal (and not the fence) you will be fine. 

Ice and Dust

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4 Responses to Difficulties

  1. Diane Justin says:

    I love the ice water and sky. beautiful.

  2. HJ says:

    I like the colors–wind or now wind! It has a very ominous quality.

    • Jan says:

      Ominous it was. That was the wind day that caused the big recent fire in south Reno burning up 29 houses and simultaneously a 15 car pile up north of Reno by dust storm.

  3. Diane Weaver says:


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