Shout Out

Sorry, I have been waiting for a blanket of snow and pink light. No photos!

Meanwhile my friend (shout out!) Harvey-Jane Kowal (cool name eh?) has been sending the best images, from her Droid nevertheless! She is from the Big Apple which has something interesting it seems about every moment not matter which way you face, no matter what time of day.  Buildings, art, food,people, Xmas decorations, celebrations..just endless.  Wonderful.  Maby this is why I haven’t shot anything after seeing hers? All I have are dusty sage bushes and dirty dogs?  Impressed by her Driod work I tried to do the same and failed.  I guess no matter what tool you use you still have to practice when starting out with it.  I am heavy handed, need to be gentle with that little phone.

While eating lunch, I received this photo of the day.  I thought “hey, I should post this!” I love the light reflections and the timeless era feel. Classic. I know these are her things which makes it even moe personal.

There may be some -quality change from me saving and down saving. apologies.

Thanks HJ for sending me great images!  I enjoy them all and now hooked , don’t stop!

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