Life is a hoot

Hootie Owl that is. This is Louise. She is a complete love.  She has a pet dog that licks her face. The feathers on her feet are like fur. Next time I will bring a better lens with me and do a model shoot with her.

I was just out exercising my dogs then decided to 4×4 across some rough roads to visit some friends and their birds.  Here is a you tube vid that has over 340,000 hits from when she was a baby hanging with her dog pal. You can see how gentle she is.

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6 Responses to Life is a hoot

  1. Liz Merry says:

    The video is adorable! What a sweet owl!

  2. Terri says:

    that’s one patient dog! Good thing the owl was gentle with her talons, those can hurt!

  3. melisa gunnoe says:

    the owl was pretty big as a baby, how big is she now? Pictures great

  4. G-Funk says:

    What makes the eyebrow feathers go up?

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