Amazing birds

These Sandhill cranes number in the thousands. Both Greater and Lesser.  Some migrate down from Alaska some just from N. Ca. The Greaters are as tall as I am! (5-6 ft) Imagine standing next to one!!!  And can jump as far also!!I t is amazing these large birds can even fly. They are just incredible.  The lesser sandhills are just 3-4 ft tall.

I arrived near sunset to see where they would fly in for the night to roost and returned long before sunrise to be there when they woke up and fly off.  Good thing it is winter hours!  They “dance” with each other, grab sticks and toss or toss grasses. Or just jump up and down alone.  Their sound is similar to a turkey, pretty loud. Watching hundreds of these flying in is a wonderful experience. And noisy!

No, you cannot have them for Thanksgiving dinner.

d300 500mmf4  (1.4tele on a few) Near Lodi, Ca

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7 Responses to Amazing birds

  1. Tim says:

    Great work Jan. Wish I had been there.

  2. Julie Newman says:

    Getting a “new post” from Dawsonphotos is always a treat — I know that when I click on it I’ll get to see something amazing & beautiful — like these Cranes. I have never seen them as close as this — and usually as breeding pairs up here in the Sierras., — Thanks again, Jan!!!

  3. Janice says:

    Hey Jan, I especially like the shot of the two birds in flight with the orange background. Thanks for sharing. I hope you are not in the path of the fires.

  4. HJ says:

    OMG…I love these cranes. Beautiful lighting. I’m particularly fond of the two cranes–one with wings out; the other gracefully standing. Would love to experience this firsthand some day. Too bad New York City isn’t on their path!

  5. Diane Weaver says:

    great photos

  6. valerie kaeppler says:

    beautiful captures of the cranes. there are allot around here as well.

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