Not taking my own advice

It is official I am totally lame. I tell everyone how they need to work hard at what ever art or sport they are attempting to be proficient at and I become a total bum all August. I will blame it on the heat. Although it really isn’t that hot here, no air in my home or office though, and once inside turns to 80 degrees I go brain dead.  I tried to break out of my slump and drove to Lassen park where the higher camps are 40 degrees at night. AHHH it was one night of blissful sleep.     There was snow and spring flowers everywhere. I stopped at only two locations and spent very little time trying to get a photograph. One at sunset and one at sunrise.  Skipped all the flowers and instead took my dogs swimming in a lower elevation creek which they were very happy for.  And then I came home. Lazy me.   Hopefully September will be more productive!

So for you I say do not do as I do!  Go forth, paint, write, run, kayak ,bike, sail, hike and get that garden finished!

Lassen is a small national park in northern Ca.  It is also a volcano that erupted in 1914/15.

I read that we should leave our photos in adobe rgb instead of srgb nowadays for more consitant color rendering across the platforms. So this is a test. Colors normal or wild?

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7 Responses to Not taking my own advice

  1. Tim says:

    Its hard to motivate yourself when you are alone. I know that to well
    As for the colors, its a personal preference.. Looks fine to me.

    • Jan says:

      Thanks Tim. On my lap top they are a little over the top, on ipad about right.
      And you are the guy who works very very hard at your photography, I could only hope to be half as motivated as you.

  2. Lauren Chen says:

    Colors look ok to me! Wow that first pic is gorgeous! Love the yellow contrasted with the green, the crisp, clear reflection, and the clearness of the water where you can even see the rocks on the shore!

    • Jan says:

      Thanks Lauren, I wish I could set up everyones monitors next to each other to see how different they are . I just watched a video on the advice of keeping everything to Adobe rgb and how the colors were so different on monitors in srgb. Wanted to test it too. I guess I can I have two computers and a ipad!..duh.

  3. melisa gunnoe says:


  4. Diane Weaver says:

    i vote the one on the right is real.

  5. Karen says:

    gorgeous photos as always, colors are great!

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