Hot August

Well, I am sorry to say I have been mostly hunkered in at home and work.

I hope every one is having a good summer and all the kids are ready and excited for school.

What has been you favorite cool treat? Mine has been Dole or Dreyers real fruit strawberry or peach popsicle. Can’t live without them.

Here are a few more feathered friends . Nothing fancy camera wise. 70-300 lens, mid day, out of car window, cropped way down. Drive by shooting!

The orange topped youngster is a coot and they have  bright orange heads that have a bald orange spot.  Some feel that the reason for the coloring is that it attracts the mother to feed. The more color the more she is likely to feed it. All theory, seems the more color the more likely predators can find them. No one really knows for sure.

Ducks, Herons, and coots

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