Brass Ring-Grizzly Pig?

I overheard someone mentioning that the grizzly is from the pig family.  Questioning this ,  I asked local biologist and travel extraordinar Terri (shout out!) if this statment was true.  I shortened her reply to one sentence in my language (terri email if I got this in any way incorrect):

The grizzly bear in the family tree is more closely related to the dog than the pig both in a very  very distant cousin sort of way.

The bears did behave in a very dog like manner and exhibited an intelligence.  Each had a unique personality and behavior.  You could see them thinking and making decisions. Weighing the cost of danger.  They do not want to harm themselves so try their best to stay out of fights or trouble.  This cub though…what do you think?  Looks like a genetic throw back to me!  :^)

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