Brass Ring

As our crazy carousel of life swirls maddeningly round and round occasionally the brass ring is there for you to reach out and take. My carousel is not the pretty white ponies with golden manes and pink roses. It is full of giraffes, Hippoes, giant rabbits with glaring teeth, sea creatures,monsters and black horses with wild manes. I see the end of the ride is far closer now than the faint memory of the beginning thus making it seem to appear faster moving, and my choice of creature to ride is the tamer few.

The brass ring was there to take and run with just happened. You see I had been planning an Alaskan camping trip for about a year. Formulating over the months. I missed my first choice, a camp in the McNeil River area of Lake Clark Wilderness. It is a lottery system. Next choice was Brooks camp to the south. This is overly popular site, everyone wants to view Grizzly bears. It to was full. I could not afford to go to Alaska, rent a car and drive around, so I sadly gave up plans.  Camping in Alaska not to be, and maybe never. :^(

A week later there was my brass ring. I received a letter awarding me a small sum of money for a work injury. Instead of putting this towards retirement, or savings I immediately started to look at lodges in the Lake Clark Wilderness/ National Park. I was going to Alaska and sleep in a bed too! Luxury! Three cooked meals a day! Whoohoo!
My plan and hopes were for a few printable close ups of the coastal brown bear. Now larger than the same bear also coastal but called Kodiak. Yes, these are grizzly bears. And in this part of Alaska ( and only part) they have been dubbed ” The Gentle Giants”.

It begins with three plane flights:
First this noisy small prop plane to Seattle


My 3rd flight and  out of Anchorage pilot Carol (shout out!) she was great and the scenery of glaciers , mountains, rivers, coastal marvolous


Passing by Volcano Mt Redoubt. It spewed ash a few years ago disrupting the oil well industry and all planes in area.  You can see the mud flows at the bottom of photo.


Landing on the beach to drop me off and pick passengers up to be shuttled back to Anchorage.
Boat or plane is only access to Lake Clark National Park/Wilderness, atv only means of travel in a small restricted area of park. Cute little people wagons.


Tech: camera: Nikon d5000 borrowed from friend Karen, needed it for videos (shout out! thanks!), Tamron lens 16-50, all processing done with Snapseed (by Niksoftware) and on ipad. Forgot to fix my cooked horizon line last photo sorry.( Ok, I was to lazy to figure out if snapseed corrected horizon lines!)

To be continued!

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2 Responses to Brass Ring

  1. OMG, congratulations! You are living my dream, I kid you not! I am so happy for you! You are so smart to use the $ to fulfill an important dream/goal……because we just never know. It’s like the Universe kept you from the other places so you would be available when the $ showed up!

    Luck is preparedness meeting opportunity!


  2. G-Funk says:

    Leave the horizon line alone. Perfectly level horizons give me fits!

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