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I have numerous photo apps for my ipad. PS express, Diptic, Photogene, Filterstorm to name a few. Generally I go to Filterstorm if I want to do anythiing. It handles raw files. The new app, out just recently is by my favorite software company for editing photos as a plug in with photoshop, is called Snapseed. And yes, editing photos is a “snap” even fun . Although the raw files no so, jpgs great. WhenI heard it was released I bought it right away even though it was $4.99 (I think that was the price). My good friend Gary Ellis (shout out!) used it and sent me a photo and was happy , photo at bottom. Nice job!

Gary by the way is a graphic artist, artist, comic novel writer on his third book, and all around great guy. He is from the Bay Area if you need his skills.

If any one knows how to make a raw file visually large in this app let me know! There are video tutorials at web site, i may have missed that part.

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4 Responses to New App

  1. Karen says:

    Nice job Gary! Wyatt looks wonderful, not sure what you did, but she seems to really come out of the photo, colors are great too! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jan says:

      Tech: here is way she pops, orange color in front of blue. Warm always makes the object go to the front and cool always recedes, and orange and blue are compliment opposite colors so she pops. Also, she is in detail where the clouds are soft behind her, plus not much detail in clouds, simple background. Simple foreground. Her head is in the correct location for the rules of composition. Plus, her “regal” stance demands attention. And the line of her back and forground is diagonal to help create drama, plus the low elevation of camera angle. All of this is why I posted his photo. Nicely done. And as usual I think Wyatte always has a “romance novel” look. Perhaps Gary has a secret book in the works? 🙂

  2. melisa gunnoe says:

    very regal doggie!!!

  3. valerie kaeppler says:

    great shot! and thanks for the tips w/ software. i need to get more familiar w/ steve’s D90 for better pics but i use my P90 traveling etc. it unfortunatle won’t even set on fine give a pic for a full page ad it seems.

    love your pics!

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