The many faces of G

G and dad came over to help me with a chore where I needed three hands. I knew G was very photographic from seeing her sisters great photos. So I asked her for a few poses for me to practice portraiture and Photoshop retouching. Now before you say I suck, this is my very first model shoot! I have some glaring retouching errors, and gosh, I have never had anyone pose for me, let alone try to light, but for just practice, more than pleased with results. She was a real trooper and obviously a great model. She doesn’t like to smile. You know typical young person. Blemishes removed and skin smoothed in PS.
Not posting before shot to be kind to the glamour girl.
Those of you who know her, please do not post her name if you reply . I do not have moms permission to post name so please respect.
For you picture thieves, remember it is illegal to take photos without my consent. Just saying…there are laws.
Ok, glamour girl the many faces of:

(70-200f 2.8 ,sb 900 off camera powered like -2, shower curtain over rear window, natural light with orange curtains right side. )







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5 Responses to The many faces of G

  1. Lauren Chen says:

    They look great! Makes me want to go find a model for a photo shoot!!

  2. Karen says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! How can you go wrong with such a gorgeous subject!?

  3. valerie kaeppler says:

    pretty darn good for a first shoot like this. she is beautiful!

  4. Brenda Kopperdahl says:

    What a beautiful model, she looks great in all of them. I especially like the one with the smile. Good job Jan

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