A magazine helped

This is at Many Glacier in Glacier Park Montana (2010 summer)  on the east side.   I never would have taken this photo if I hadn’t seen Moose Peterson’sfine  photo of it in his magazine BT Journal vol.13.4 . THANKS MOOSE!   Yep, had to be up before dawn to be in place and ready. It is several photos then stiched together using photoshop.  Simple process.

 I would supply a link for Moose but don’t yet know how. Sorry. Google his blog. He has decades of informative articles.

I was there to take pictures of Mountian Goats. My third visit.  While resting in camp I was looking for something to read and discovered I had several BT Jounals in the rig and surprise surprise one on Glacier Park which honest I did not plan.  I saw his photo and decided I would try it what the heck, dispite the early alarm. 

The goats were shaggy, dropping their hair, and a point and shoot or a normal lens would have been fine to use.  These goats are in your face! So was a marmot which I think people have been feeding since he walked right up to me. See, I missed focus on the goats eye. I think this photo is funny, which is why I choose it.

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2 Responses to A magazine helped

  1. Gary says:

    On the goat and the squirrel thing, did you mess with the focal distance in the computer or is it in the lens?

    (The goat looks like he’s telling you a story about his youth.)

    • Jan Dawson says:

      No photoshop focus magic. Just basic raw to jpg adjustments.
      The rodent looking creature in a Marmot.

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