Happy First Day of Spring!

What is it like where you are?  Actually I find it really hard to say the word happy with all the terrible news coming from Japan.  A triple whammy not to mention it snowing there also .  It is unimaginable how hard it must be for many of the affected people.

But here, on the eastern sierras, it is snowing.  Been doing that all day. I like the snow, makes it clean looking and dampens the sounds.  Also makes much mud.

So what to do while snowed in? My good friend said she was going over gardening magazines getting ready for yard work. Other friend said she was waiting for the mud to dry up enough to take her dogs out.  Me, I spent the morning perusing a photo magazine wishing I could go somewhere way away. Even though I just got back from Hawaii (more later) And the rest of the day shooting out my house windows at any creature I could find.

Nothing interesting came out of it but was great practice.  I could see through the lens my camera was vibrating an awful lot. Making me curse my bad technic. I just couldn’t get any better when I realized the cat was rubbing on the tripod.! I keep my tripod and camera set up next to my living room desk in front of the windows incase anything is going on out there. Before I did this I missed a mt. lion running by, very large mule deer, coyotes playing, bald eagles fighting over a scrap, etc.  Now of course there is nothing. But I am ready.

The header photo was taken through the window just before xmas.  I could have stepped outside. (lazy me)

I did take pictures of the bird feeder swaying in the “breeze” just before it snowed a few days ago.

Through a very dirty window it also gives a green cast. Moving birds and a swaying feeder= great practice. Is this a printable photo? No. Super sharp? No. Does it tell a story? Well yea, sorta. Just pointing out you need to practice, like an athlete, you have to know your gear, know what it can do so you can get what you are hoping to achieve . It does take a little work to be results you are looking for. But it is fun work. How much time does it take to snap of a few photos out your window at different shutter speeds or aperture openings? 5 min? I can lose time playing like that.

If you go out to the field to play football but never held one or had one passed to you how could you play the game? Now when I go out to take photos of birds fighting on a feeder I will be ready! :-]  Or anything moving hopefully.

So pick up your point and shoot and try to get something moving in focus. You may have to try different settings or…put it on sports mode see what it does. Put it on the other modes maybe something creative will come out of it.  Then delete all of the photos like a Buddhist and his sand paintings.

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