Do we really need another blog?

Hi friends! you may be asking these questions:
Do we need another blog?
What does “the lazy photographer” mean
Who does this target?
What will the content be?

Well, yep, always room for blogs I think. I love to read them myself and have several favorites who’s links I will soon provide.
I am pretty lazy as a photographer. I find it really really hard to get up at 3 am to get to location. I sometimes use the easiest possible way of getting a photo taken. Sometimes the result is not good. These I will share with you as a learning experience.
So you who are also a bit on the lazy side, I can perhaps save you the mistake and get you on the right path.
This blog is for friends and family and those interested in simple (easy) photography using Dslrs or point and shoots. Or people wo want to see photos of places I have traveled to.
It will be a step beyond your basic point and shoot mentality yet not to mentally challenging.. Get you moving towards good composition, understanding light, etc.
It really is simple, you just need to pay attention to a few things!
Also I’ll write a little about gadgets and software or cool stuff other people have said or did and supply their links.
I travel some and will include photos and data about the areas I am visiting. I camp out a lot and visit bakeries as much as possible! I might even say something about my hounds, my friends hounds or…my brothers new tattoo!  (yep, I was to lazy to use fill flash)

So visit me often or subscribe. I will be posting photos and crazy ramblings and a few tips.

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2 Responses to Do we really need another blog?

  1. Daniel Bailey says:

    absolutely amazing photographs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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